Miss Nora | Quotes About Nora
"I think Molly looks just fine for someone who is a bit overweight."
Bradshaw (Byte This Nov. 13, 2003)

"Molly is a great wrestler, I just give her a hard time about her huge ass."
Bradshaw (Byte This Nov. 13, 2003)

"Speaking of big asses, Molly, is taking on Lita."
Bradshaw (Byte This Nov. 13, 2003)

"I think she (Molly) looks quite attractive bald, and I told her that personally. I think she's always had a pretty face. I'm just hoping she doesn't grow a goatee and steal my routine."
Stone Cold Steve Austin (True of False at wwe.com)

"Molly Holly. I just love Molly."
Shelton Benjamin (Celebrity Crush at wwe.com)

"Molly is very trustworthy and very honest. I felt comfortable opening up to her. She's very religious and is a very great girl."
Nidia (Credit: http://totalwrestling.net/)

"Q: I know you're married and that this might get you in trouble but in all your years in the business which of the women you've worked with is the most beautiful (in your opinion) in real life? (i.e. without all the layers of make-up, hoochie clothes, and air brushing).
A: I think Nora (Molly Holly) is one of the prettiest of the bunch. Even with her head shaved she was still very pretty."

Lance Storm (Credit: http://www.stormwrestling.com)

"Q: I was just wondering what you thought of Nora Greenwald's recent goodwill/charity work she has performed during her stay at Antigua Guatemala from December 2006-April 2007? This was the second time she was there as she helped build houses for refugees in 2005. In the distant future - when you've accomplished everything you set out to achieve in wrestling - would you ever spend several months in a foriegn country for charity work or for whatever cause.
A: Molly/Nora is definitely one of the most genuinely good hearted/spirited people I know. I really love her and have never met anyone like her. I think she is truly a good person who wants to do good for this world. If I got to get to that point, yes I would. I want to do things now when my schedule allows. I have read about many things that I would like to get involved with, but I just never knew how. Nothing else gives you a better feeling than helping others.

Gail Kim (Credit: http://www.thegailkim.com/)