Miss Nora | Quotes
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Molly Holly's Quotes
"So when cousin Crash called for my help, I came right on over!"
(to Tazz)

"Good Golly Miss Molly!"
"Now if you will excuse me, I am waiting for someone."
(to Kurt Angle)

"Spike, I really, really like you."
(to Spike Dudley)

"Spike, I think I love you too."
(to Spike Dudley)

Migthy Molly's Quotes
"Holy Sidekick Hurricane, it's Mighty Molly!"

"Spike doesn't have powers, he can't fly and doesn't even have a cape."
(to Johnathan Coachman)

Molly's Quotes
"I'm Pure and Wholesome!"

"We'll have to work on the ring attire about Victoria."
(to Christopher Nowinski, William Regal and Victoria)

"Lita, your comeback is about the be the shortest in WWE history!"
(to Lita)

Nora Greenwald's Quotes
"I am looking forward to working with Lita, if I don't get to work with her right away I'm sure I will get to work with her eventually. I really like her style and I am looking forward to working with her."
Credit - Ambitious Passion