Miss Nora | WWE Profile

Height ››› 5 foot 4
From ››› Forrest Lake, Minn.
Finishing Move ››› Molly-Go-Round
Career Highlights ››› 2 Time Women's Champion, Hardcore Champion

Molly is easily one of the most athletic females on the WWE roster, and as she’ll let you know. In addition, shw is by far the most serious and toughest of the RAW Divas.

For a time, she was one of the most lovable Divas on RAW, siding with one of the WWE’s resident Superheroes, The Hurricane. However, she soon severed that relationship in pursuit of her own personal success.

Since shedding the cape, and donning a more uptight no-nonsense persona, Molly has become known as one of the most dominant Divas in WWE. She has held the Women’s Championship in 2002 and 2003.

As a result of a stipulation in her match with Victoria at WrestleMania XX, Molly not only lost the match and her chance to regain the Women’s Championship, but she also lost her hair. In front of a sold-out Madison Square Garden crowd, and millions watching around the world, Molly had her head shaved bald. However, that has only enhanced her anger and Molly is as focused as ever to once again be the Women’s Champion. Don’t be confused, she often wears various wigs to disguise her bald scalp.

It is just a matter of time until Molly is once again the dominant female in WWE, using RAW as her personal torture chamber for any Diva attempting to steal the spotlight away from her.