Miss Nora | Match History | House Shows | 2000
11/11/00 WWF House Show from Cincinnati, Ohio
Brooklyn Brawler vs. Crash Holly (w/ Molly Holly)
Brawler in control for most of the match. Crash into the ropes, big boot by the Brawler on Crash. Molly on the apron and the Brawler knocks her off to the floor. Crash with the acid drop for the pin.

11/12/00 WWF House Show from Huntington, West Virginia
Dean Malenko (Champion) vs. Crash Holly (w/ Molly Holly) for the WWF LW Title
Big pop for Crash, or more accurately Molly, when she came out to shove Dean back into the ring. Molly looks much better than she did in WCW as Mona. Anyway, again partially distracted, I enjoyed the match. Elroy is actually very good, and the Ice Man still has it. Malenko locked in the Texas Cloverleaf for the win.

12/28/00 WWF House Show from Tulsa, Oklahoma
Ivory (w/ Steven Richards) (Champion) vs. Molly Holly for the Women's Title
GOOD GOD DAMN Molly Holly is HOT! Hadn't seen her live since when she was in WCW, but DAMN! Nice ass. Oh yeah, the match...Ivory wins thanks to Steven.