Match History 2005

01/04/05 WWE House Show from Poughkeepsie, New York Women's Title Match: Lita d. Molly Holly - This was short and almost to the point. The only offensive flurry Molly got in involved a lot of hair pulling. Sure, she used her suplexes and what not, but to get Lita in her grasp, she needed to tug on the hair. So when Lita started to dish it out, she felt the need to pay Molly back and go for her hair, too. Karma can be a bitch, can't it? Molly had Lita set up in the corner, but got nothing but a backside full of turnbuckle when she went for the handspring elbow. Lita pretty much took it home in cruise control, ending with the DDT.

01/05/05 WWE House Show from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Lita over Molly

01/14/05 WWE House Show from Minneapolis, Minnesota Victoria vs. Molly w/ Val Venis as Ref - Val cuts a promo. A good match yet the fans here show no love as it is quiet in the arena but Victoria comes up with the win with the Widows peak Winner: Victoria

01/15/05 WWE House Show from Grand Forks, North Dakota Special Guest Ref Val Venis: Victoria vs Molly: Short and predictable. Val counted real slow on Molly's pin attempts and favored Victoria for the entire thing. Victoria reversed a top rope attempt into the Widow's Peak for the win. She then kissed Venis and stole some poor fan's viking hat.

01/16/05 WWE House Show from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Molly Holly vs. Victoria (Val Venis Guest Referee) Decent match. Victoria hits the widows peak on Molly and gets the pin.

01/21/05 WWE House Show from Abilene, TX Victoria beat Molly. It's so sad how far the women's division has fallen. Although Victoria and Molly are good women's wrestlers, there just wasn't really much to go with here. Victoria gets the pin following a Widow's Peak.

01/22/05 WWE House Show from Tyler, Texas Molly Holly & Victoria were next. It was an alright match. Victoria got lots of cheers. Winner: Victoria

01/23/05 WWE House Show from Tulsa, OK Diva Bikini Skin Contest: Christy Hemme vs. Molly Holly Molly comes out first in a long red robe and just gets all bitter with ppl then out comes Christy, once she entered the ring Coach told her to do her thing and she took the robe off and was wearing a purple and blue bikini and just danced around like she always does and got a huge reaction. Then it was Molly's turn, took her awhile to take the robe off and once she did, she was wearing a big T-shirt with a woman's body on it. Coach then announced Molly the winner and they hugged but Christy gave Coach a low blow and he fell on Molly.

02/12/05 WWE House Show from Steubenville, OH Trish vs. Molly vs. Victoria - Women's Title - This match disappointed me, but not because of the women's performances because those were great, but the fact that they only got about 5 minutes while all the other matches got about 15-20. The women performed great and Victoria got the crowd psyched, but I wish they would of got more time to wrestler. Trish won, but I don't recall how because it happened all of a sudden. Winner: Trish

02/13/05 WWE House Show from Toledo, OH Victoria hit her finishing move on Molly Holly and then Trish covered Molly for the win. Victoria's finishing move looked sweet live. She is way over with the Toledo crowd!

02/18/05 WWE House Show from Cadillac, Michigan Trish vs Molly vs Victoria - Better than average women's match with everyone hitting all their spots. Trish really looked hot tonight as she always does. Victoria did a widows peak on molly then out of no where Trish delivers a hard kick to her head then gets the 3 count. Your winner Trish Stratus

02/19/05 WWE House Show from Kalamazoo, MI Trish Stratus vs. Molly Holly vs. Victoria. Coach came out to do introductions for this one. Trish was the crowd favorite both nights. Pretty standard women's match, Molly and Trish double team Victoria, then turn on each other. Victoria hits the Widow's Peak on Molly and walks into a Chick Kick to be pinned. Victoria had her hands WAY up for it.

02/20/05 WWE House Show from Erie, PA Trish Stratus def. Molly Holly & Victoria

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