Match History 2004

01/05/04 RAW is WAR Ross recaps the kick Victoria took from Test earlier tonight. Molly takes the mic and says that since Victoria can't compete and Molly can, she should be the winner by forfeit. Molly orders Lillian Garcia to make the announcement when General Manager Long appears on the screen. No, Victoria can't compete, but Teddy loves seeing two white girls beat the hell out of each other, so... This is a non-title affair. Molly dominates from the start, getting a few near falls from referee Jack Doan before settling into a reverse chinlock on the mat. Trish fights out and gets a roll up for a near fall. Molly kicks Trish in the belly, but Trish scores a spine buster for a near fall. Trish eats elbow on a corner charge and Molly goes to the top, but Trish goes up and scores the Stratusphere. Trish looks for Stratusfaction, but turns it into a sunset flip in mid-move and gets two. Trish slides to the apron and catches Molly coming in with a stiff Chick Kick. Trish goes to the top, but here comes JAZZ to shove her off and referee Doan calls for the bell at 2:49.

01/12/04 RAW is WAR Jonathan Coachman joins the announcers as Trish makes her way to the ring. He says tonight he will interview Shawn Michaels and Triple H in the ring tonight. Footage from last week shows us the return of Jazz. Utter chaos dominates at the start before it settles into Lita and Molly in the ring. Lita with a headscissors takeover. Tag to Jazz. This is the first time Lita and Jazz have hooked up in a WWE ring. Lita with a suplex and she kips up. Lita goes to the top, but Molly pulls her down by the arm while referee Jack Doan puts Trish back in the face corner. Tag to Molly, who buckles Lita's bean and works her arm over the top rope. Molly bars the arm, but Lita fights out. Jazz knees Lita from the apron while Molly tricks Trish into the ring. Molly pulls Lita into the middle of the ring, but Lita forces her into her corner. Jazz dahses into the ring to distract the referee, which causes him to miss the tag to Trish. Tag to Jazz, but Lita dodges the splash and makes the hot tag. Trish with a Thesz press and some right hands. Trish brings Molly in and takes both heels over with a head/leg scissors. Trish dropkicks Molly over the top and Matrixes out of Jazz's way. Spinebuster to Jazz. 1-2-kickout by Jazz. Trish drops Jazz again and makes the cover. 1-2-broken up by Molly. Lita takes Molly back to the outside with a modified Litacuranna. Trish looks to press the advantage on Jazz, but Teddy Long gets up on the apron and tosses his jacket over Trish's head. Trish flings it off and goes after Teddy, which allows Jazz to sneak in with a roll-up. Jazz grabs the tights and gets the 1-2-3 at 4:55.

01/19/04 RAW is WAR In the back, Molly Holly is taunting Trish Stratus as Christian approaches. Molly leaves as Christian tells Trish he just wants to clear the air.

01/25/04 Sunday Night Heat The match for the night starts to get underway and Molly Holly is the first out. Victoria comes down to the ring accompanied by Stevie Night Heat and the match begins. Molly and Victoria lock up and Molly latches on a hammerlock. Victoria turns it into a take down hammerlock and goes for a lateral press for a kick out. Victoria puts Molly in a side headlock and then gets her into a side headlock takeover. Victoria goes for a pin for a near fall and Molly follows suit. Molly foot chokes Victoria against the turnbuckle and then goes for a baseball slide dropkick for a near fall. Molly latches onto Victoria's face and throws her into the buckle. Molly connects with her handspring elbow and gets a near fall. Molly throws Victoria's head down on the mat and goes for another pin and another near fall. Molly puts Victoria in a chinlock and Victoria counters with a jawbreaker and then tries to roll up Molly for a near fall. Victoria fires up with punches and clotheslines and then body slams her to the mat. Victoria hits a moonsault splash and goes for the pin to get a near fall. Molly continues to slam Victoria's head on the mat and then tries to go up top only to be stopped by Victoria. Victoria tries to superplex Molly, but gets denied and decides to crotch Molly on the ropes instead. The victory comes when Victoria hits the Widow's Peak on Molly for the win.

01/26/04 RAW is WAR Molly and Lita start with some amateur wrestling that Lita amazingly gets the better of. Lita suplexes Molly and then tags Victoria, who was begging for it. Molly quickly tags Jazz, who takes Victoria down and nails her with some crossface blows for a near fall from referee Chad Patton. Victoria with a sunset flip for a near fall. Standing moonsault by Victoria for another near fall before Molly distracts her from the apron and Jazz dropkicks her out. Steven Richards and Teddy Long jaw at each other as Victoria climbs back into the ring and Jazz suplexes her over for a near fall. Molly tags in and locks Victoria up with a chin hold. Jazz returns and boots Victoria in the belly as Molly holds her. Another chinlock, this time by Jazz, but Victoria won't quit. Standing sit-out powerslam by Jazz, but Victoria dodges the splash. Victoria crawls to the corner, Molly tries to stop her, but she makes the tag anyway and Lita goes to work. Molly flees and tags Jazz, who promptly headscissored over by Lita. Tag to Victoria and she goes at Molly (who I'm pretty sure isn't legal). Victoria with a powerslam. 1-2-broken up by Jazz. Lita and Jazz spill to the outside as Molly looks for a suplex on Victoria, but Vicky rolls her up and gets the 1-2-3 at 5:55, pinning Molly for the second straight night.

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