Match History 2003

01/06/03 RAW is WAR Trish comes down, followed by her partner, Jacqueline. Their opponents come out together, Victoria and Molly, joined by Stevie Richards. Jacqueline and Victoria start off, with Jacqueline hitting an armdrag. Victoria trips her up and stomps away, then hits shoulder thrusts in the corner. Tag to Molly. Molly goes second rope and hits an ax handle into Jacqueline's back, then a handspring back elbow 1-2-shoulder up. Molly knocks Trish off the apron, causing the ref to keep Trish from coming back in, allowing Molly to strap on a reverse chin lock, while Victoria straps on a Boston Crap, fully pulling Jacqueline off the mat. Jacqueline is able to push Victoria into Molly and tag in Trish. Trish takes down Molly then starts kicking away on Victoria. Spinning heel kick by Molly 1-2-broken by Molly. Molly and Jacqueline fight outside. Molly runs in the ring just as Trish flips over Victoria and rolls her up for a pin. The ref is too busy with Molly to see the pin, allowing Richards to run in and knocks Trish bac kwards, allowing Victoria to grab the tights. Molly tells the ref to count, which he does 1-2-3!

01/26/03 Sunday Night Heat Jacqueline makes her way to the ring, followed by Molly, who's got a new hairstayle for today (she's got corn twists near the front of her head, and the rest is curled.) Jacqueline with some intimidation at the start before Molly controls the arm. Jacqueline smartly turns it into a bow and arrow submission, but Molly flips out and lands on Jacqueline for a near fall from referee Jack Doen. Molly tosses Jacqueline over the top, but Jacqueline skins the cat, grabs Molly in a head scissors and hurracurannas her out. They chop it out on the outside before Molly works an inverted flapjack that sends Jacqueline face first into the apron. Molly scores a roll-up for one back on the inside before choking Jacqueline over the middle rope. Jacqueline blocks the back handspring elbow and mounts Molly in the corner for punches. Molly powerbombs Jacqueline down and works the Flair pin, but Jacqueline kicks out at two. Jacqueline looks to recoup, but Molly drops her throat first over the top rope with a flapjack and get s the 1-2-3!

02/03/03 RAW is WAR Victoria makes her way to the ring with Steven Richards. Molly follows by herself dressed in a unique frock. Molly's go ont his flowing long selleved top. Victoria blocks a kick, but Molly takes her down with an armdrag and an armbar for a two count. Victoria locks in a Full Nelson, but Molly hits a shoulder block, then a hiptoss and an armdrag, then another. Back elbow by Victoria, then a twisting sidewalk slam 1-2-shoulder up. Two clotheslines by Victoria 1-2-shoulder up. Hairtoss by Victoria, then a stalled vertical suplex 1-2-kickout. Victoria lifts Molly up, but Molly goes over her back and starts chopping away. Molly goes for a handspring elbow, but Victoria clotheslines her down. She locks Molly on her back and drops for her finisher 1-2-3! Just like last week, Jazz runs down and starts beating up on Molly. She hits a DDT, then shoves Victoria down. Jazz pushes Victoria out of the way, then DDTs Molly again. Victoria backs out of the ring.

02/10/03 RAW is WAR Jazz takes Molly down and applies a front facelock. She gets a quick two count, then goes to work on Molly's arm. Molly cartwheels out and armdrags Jazz for two. Two arm drags by Molly, but Jazz catches her with a dropkick to the face 1-2-shoulder up. Drop toehold by Jazz, who then applies an inverted bow and arrow. Backslide by Jazz for two. Double underhook suplex by Jazz, then another, then another 1-2-kickout. Chops by Jazz. Molly sidesteps and rolls her up for two. Chops by Molly, then a clothesline, and then another. Molly goes for a boot, but Jazz catches it and takes her down. Half crab by Jazz, then she turns it into an STF for the submission victory. After the bell rings, Jazz keeps the hold in a little longer. She starts to leave, then comes back and applies the lifting double chickenwing. She applies the STF for a second time until refs pull her off.

02/17/03 RAW is WAR In the back, Stevie Richards tries to convince Victoria that Jazz will be a good tag partner. They find her, and Jazz says that she came back to the WWE for two reasons: to get revenge on Trish, and to be the most dominant female. Victoria mentions that she is the most dominant, as she has the belt. Jazz says that it's only for now. Victoria gets ready to start the match, but Jazz shoves her out of the way and attacks Molly to start. Clotheslines and shoulder blocks by Jazz, then a double underhook suplex 1-2-broken by Jacqueline. Leg drop by Jazz, then a tag to Victoria. Molly cradles Victoria for a two count. Molly starts chopping away, but Victoria catchers her with an elbow. Spinning sidewalk slam by Victoria 1-2-shoulder up. Powerslam by Victoria 1-2-shoulder up. Scoop slam by Victoria, who goes out for a slingshot, but Jazz tags herself in and pins 1-2-kickout. Scoop slam by Jazz, who misses the vertical splash. Tag to Jacqueline. Jazz clotheslines Jacqueline down, but Jacqueline comes right back with punches and kicks. She pulls Victoria in the ring and performs the same beatdown. Jazz whips Jacqueline into VIctoria, who flies from the ring. Jacqueline stumbles back into Jazz's DDT 1-2-3! After the match, Jazz pulls Molly in and puts the elevated chicken wing on her. She picks Jacqueline up and does the same to her. Jazz takes a mic and says that the bitch is back. She turns around and goes face to face with Victoria. She pushes Victoria out of the way, but Victoria pulls her back in the ring. Jazz shoves her down, only for Victoria to slap her in the face. Jazz laughs and leaves the ring.

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