Match History 2002

01/03/02 Smackdown! Molly makes her way to the ring and we see clips from last week where Jazz attacked both Trish and Molly during a match the two had. Jazz comes down next and immediately attacks Mighty Molly. Jazz aggressively controls the match throwing Molly across the top rope on two occasions. Three double underhook suplexes by Jazz still results in only a two count. Jazz goes for a splash but misses and Molly attempts a rollup but she too only gets a two. Jazz finally nails a fisherman's DDT for the 1-2-3.

01/12/02 Jakked! Molly accompanied The Hurricane to his match against Funaki.

01/14/02 RAW is WAR Billy and Chuck come out first, followed by The Hurricane w/Molly and Tajiri w/Torrie. Standing side by side, Molly and Torrie cheered on their men. After Hurricane and Tajiri lost the match, Mighty Molly and Torrie Wilson run into the ring.

01/26/02 Jakked! Molly accompanied Hurricane to his match.

02/02/02 Jakked! Molly accompanied Hurricane to his match against Bossman. During the match, Molly delivered a missile dropkick to Bossman, but Bossman still managed to get the win.

02/03/02 Sunday Night Heat Molly comes down with Hurricane to his match against Lance Storm.

02/04/02 RAW is WAR Backstage, Jacqueline, Molly, Sharmell, and Stacy are getting dressed in the women's locker room.

02/09/02 Jakked! Molly acoompanies Hurricane to his match against Christian. During the match, Molly gets into Christian's face.

02/10/02 Sunday Night Heat Jacqueline ref the match pitting Hurricane, who was accompanied by Mighty Molly. Hurricane jobs to Scotty.

02/24/02 Sunday Night Heat Molly accompanies Hurricane to his match against Tajiri w/Torrie. The women did nothing during the match.

02/25/02 RAW is WAR Jazz comes down first followed by Molly. As soon as Molly gets onto the apron, Jazz knocks her off and Molly rolls to the ground. Jazz smashes Molly into the apron and rolls her back in. Jazz takes Molly's cape and tries to tear it, but ends up throwing it away, only to be hit with an armdrag from Molly. She goes for a crossbody, but Jazz catches her and slams her down. Legdrop 1-2-shoulder up. Chops by Jazz, but Molly comes back with chops of her own. Spinning heel kick by Jazz, then a vertical splash 1-2-shoulder up. Jazz tosses Molly onto the ropes, then again. Clubs by Jazz, into a double underhook suplex, then another. She hooks Molly's arms and lifts her into the air. Molly hits the inside cradle 1-2-kickout. Backslide 1-2-kickout. Rolling bridge 1-2-kickout. Molly catapults Jazz onto the ropes and then goes for a flying crossbody, but Jazz ducks and hits the Fisherman's Buster 1-2-3! After the match, Jazz punches Molly down and locks in the STF, then hits Molly with another DDT. EMTs rush out and take Molly back.

03/17/02 WrestleMania X8 (PPV) In the back, Coach finds the hiding Hurricane and asks him about him looking at the Godfather's women. Helms says that he's not a HurriPerve; he's the HurriHardcore Champion! Molly flies in and calls for the HurriCycle, but then hits Helms with a frying pan! She pins her partner 1-2-3! In the back, Molly runs down the halls to find sanctuary, but a door suddenly closes in her face! As she falls down cold, Christian comes out and pins 1-2-3!

03/21/02 Smackdown! The Hurricane comes out first followed by Molly. Helms asks Molly why she pinned him at WMX8. Molly says she just wanted a title. They go to shake hands, and Molly attacks Hurricane. Hurricane goes for a chokeslam but stops, and starts leaving. Molly attacks him again, and goes for her handspring elbow. She then goes for a splash, but gets thrown out of the ring. Brock Lesner then comes in and beats on Hurricane. Molly comes in for the save but receives a BRUTAL clothesline.

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