Match History 2001

01/01/01 RAW is WAR Tazz took on Raven in a Hardcore match. During the match, Tazz and Raven went backstage, still fighting. Raven threw Tazz into a room, and suddenly all three Hollys, Hardcore, Crash and Molly jump Tazz and Raven. Tazz throws Molly to the floor, while Raven gets the pin on Crash. They all (including Steve Blackman) chase after Raven.

01/07/01 Sunday Night Heat Jacqueline faught Molly.

01/13/01 Jakked Molly came down with Crash to his match against Essa Rios. Essa lost the bout, but after the match as Molly and Crash celebrated outside, Essa came flipping from inside the ring to the outside. Crash pushed Molly out of the way and took the force of the stunt.

01/14/01 Sunday Night Heat Molly accompanied Crash to his match against Albert. However, Mollt didnt interfer.

01/22/01 RAW is WAR Ivory comes down with Steven Richards for her Women's Title match. She began critizing Chyna's book, when Molly interrupts Ivory. Molly quickly takes down Ivory who looks visibly hurt from the beating she got last night. Ivory quickly takes contraol and takes Molly down by her hair. Ivory pulls off some more moves and goes for the pin. Molly does some acrobatics and back-body drops Ivory and goes for the pin, but Steven distracts the ref. Molly goes for the "Molly-Go-Round" but Richards trips her and causes Molly to be pinned.

01/25/01 Smackdown! The Holly's w/Molly took on RTC w/Ivory and Richards. No catfight ensued during the match, however, Ivory did start some commotion, which cause Molly to pull Mr. Richards off the apron.

01/29/01 RAW is WAR Molly Holly came down with Crach for his match against Raven. The match went outside and Molly followed, Molly grabbed one of Raven's legs as both Crash and Molly were going to ram his nuts into a tree, but Raven kicked her off. All of a sudden Raven's woman assailant attacked Molly and Crash, allowing Raven to pin Crash.

02/05/01 RAW is WAR Molly was backstage, and she challenged Raven's woman driver. She asked Raven if his "woman" will show and Raven said she would. A while later the lady showed up and Molly got the upper hand, but Raven interfered, allowing Ninja Girl to beat up Molly.

02/08/01 Smackdown! Raven took on Hardcore Holly w/Molly Holly. Molly stayed at bay through most of the match until the Power Ranger/Ninja Girl attacked. Molly took her to the ground but then was distracted by the match (Holly pinned Raven and became the new champ), allowing Power Ranger/Ninja Girl to nail Molly with a garbage can lid. Ninja Girl the proceeded to Holly allowing Raven to pin Hardcore to get his title back.

02/10/01 Jakked! Molly came down to the ring with Holly as he took on Albert. Molly did nothing.

02/19/01 RAW is WAR Raven w/o Ninja Girl takes on Crash w/o Molly. They fight all the way to back, and Big Show shows up. He starts attacking Raven, only to have Ninja Girl nail his knee with a 2x4. Raven and the girl run towards a van only to have Molly tackle the lady. Raven and Ninja Girl jump into the van, and Molly and Crash follow. Raven pushes Holly out of the van, and Molly follows.

02/25/01 No Way Out (PPV) Raven came out by his lonesome, with his hopping cart of Hardcore goodies. As Big Show came out, Ninja Girl came out and tried nailing Big Show, but BS apprehended her, which allowed Raven to attack BS. Ninja girl left, only to come back a while later. After the Hardcore entourage came (Blackman, Holly, Crash, etc...) Ninja Girl followed, and so did Molly! Ninja Girl tried to hit BS again, but Molly thwarted her plan and nailed her with a trash can lid. The women left the ring and BS won.

02/26/01 RAW is WAR Molly Holly w/Crash comes out first, followed by Lita w/ Matt. Molly and Lita fight and Molly takes charge, but Lita retaliates. The women put on a quite a match, and Lita tried to pin Molly two times, but failed. Lita did, whoever, pin Molly only after Ninja Girl interfered and DDT'ed Molly. During the Raven -vs- Chris Jericho match, Ninja Girl came out and accidentally nailed Raven. Molly Holly tahen came out and hit Ninja Girl and tried to unmask her, but Raven grabbed her and they ran away.

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