Match History 2000

02/14/00 WCW Monday Nitro The head of the woman's division, Oklahoma made his way to the ring, telling the Long Island crowd that Madusa would be the guest referee. Singh, taking back the nickname that she bore for years, powered Mona around the ring, as Oklahoma joined Mark and Tony at the table. Mona went for a sunset flip from the apron to the inside, but Oklahoma held onto Singh's arms. Madusa kicked their arms apart, sending OK to the floor. Singh clobbered Madusa in the back of the head and sat down on Mona, as Oklahoma slid into the ring and counted Monster Ripper to victory.

03/11/00 WCW Saturday Night Mona finally reappeared on Saturday Night. She had a match against Little Jeanie. Mona pretty much controlled the match and ended up winning.

03/18/00 WCW Saturday Night Mona faced off against Dee Dee Venturi. Dee Dee used some underhanded methods to try and keep control of the match. Then, Mona's opponent from the previous week on Saturday Night, Little Jeanie, came out and helped Dee Dee double team Mona. For this, Dee Dee was disqualified and the match was given to Mona.

03/25/00 WCW Saturday Night Mona and Fantasy teamed up against Dee Dee Venturi and Little Jeanie. Jeanie and Dee Dee controlled most of the match, tagging each other in often. They beat up on Fantasy pretty good until she finally got an opportunity to tag Mona in. Mona won the match by pinning Jeanie with a roll up.

05/03/00 WCW Thursday Thunder The New Blood members carried weapons with them as they entered the ring. Bischoff stated that if the Millionaires' Club wanted guerrilla warfare, they got it. Flair and the Club came to the stage and challenged the New Blood to an over the top rope battle royal, stating that the last man in the ring would get a shot at the WCW Title at the Great American Bash. The Millionaires' Club charged the ring and all 22 men battled it out for a shot at the world title. Soon, more WCW superstars entered the ruckus, including Madusa, Asya and Mona who were rather quickly eliminated.

11/06/00 RAW is WAR Molly debuted with Crash when they interfered in the Trish and T&A vs Too Cool match.

11/09/00 Smackdown! Crash and Molly were interviewed by Lilian. Later that night during the T&A w/ Trish vs Crash and Steve Blackman w/ Molly. Molly jumped in and nailed Albert when Crash was getting manhandled in the ring. Trish then snuck up behind Molly with a fire extinguisher and Molly rolled out onto the floor. After this the match turned into chaos, Molly jumped back into the ring when Test was on top of the rope. Molly tripped Test and he fell/ Trish jumped in and Molly hit Trish with a garbage can lid, square on the head. Molly then proceeded to give Test a hurricanrana off the top rope!! Crash and Blackman won.

11/12/00 Sunday Night Heat Crash Holly faught Kurt Angle, Molly tried interfering many times, but failed. After Angle won, Molly jumped into the ring and tried attacking Angle. Angle delivered an "Olympic Slam" on Molly.

11/13/00 RAW is WAR Crash with Molly went after Angle again. After Crash dodged a suplex, he swung Angle into the ropes, knocking Molly to the floor. Angle won. Hardcore Holly returned and began beating up Angle.

11/16/00 Smackdown! In a six-person tag match, Molly Holly paired up with her cousins, Crash and Hardcore, to take on Trish and her boys, Test and Albert. The match was ALL man action, however at the end, Trish bulldogged Molly and proceeded to bash her up with her boot.

11/19/00 Survivor Series (PPV) The first match of the night was between Trish and T&A -vs- Molly Holly, Crash, and Steve Blackman. Most of the match was between the men, but eventually Trish was tagged in. She kicked Crash, who quickly tagged Molly. Molly ran after Trish, who managed to escape and tagged in Test. Some time later, the women were tagged back in. Molly quickly delivered it to Trish and later pinned Miss Stratus.

11/20/00 RAW is WAR Ivory faught Molly for the Women's Championship. During the match Trish came running down and DDTed Molly on the floor. Ivory pinned Molly to retain her title.

11/23/00 Smackdown! Trish took on Molly, in a women's match. In the end, Molly pulled off a 450 Bonzai Splash!! That's a full flip into a bonzai drop off the top rope!!

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