Match History 1999

05/03/99 WCW Monday Nitro Will it should be an interesting Slamboree PPV. Flair called Randy Savage and Gorgeous George out to the ring to tell Savage off. Then he called for the police to take Randy, Madusa, and Miss Madness out of the ring so that Charles Robinson could say a thing or two to George. Of course when security and the police entered the ring all hell broke loose as Randy and Madusa started knocking people all over the place. Even Miss Madness got into the act and clobbered one of the security people. Once all three were carted out of the ring Charles began to tell George what he was going to do with her at the PPV. Being the spitfire that she is, she of course hit him which caused the 'Head Nurse' to get into the act. She picked George up with a strangle hold and proceeded to choke her and then wrestle around with her for a few seconds on the mat. Apparently George's top got ripped partially off because Mean Gene had to cover her with his coat.

05/09/99 Slamboree (PPV) It was the match to decide whether Randy Savage stayed in the WCW or not - George vs. Charles Robinson. Charles came out to the ring looking like a duplicate of The Nature Boy with Ric Flair and Asia who was up until this time known as Head Nurse. George came out with her complete entourage of Randy, Madusa & Miss Madness. George and Charles were both a little tentative at the beginning of the match. Each walked around and went to their respective corners for advice. Finally Charles got a little mad at Randy for talking with George and went over to confront him. George seized the opportunity to get a wrist lock on Charles and the match was on. Each alternated wrist locks several times and then traded hammerlocks with each other. Finally George got a full nelson on Charles and then a snapmare. Both went to their corners for some more advice which enabled George to take a running start at Charles and knock him into Flair, causing both men to hit the mat. This caused Ric and Charles to regroup while Randy gave George more sage advice. Ric picked up a chair and gave it to Charles, but before he could get into the ring with it Miss Madness tried to snatch it away from him. As she threw the chair on the floor Charles hit her from behind, scooped her up and body slammed her to the arena floor on the concrete. George, Randy & Madusa all hurried over to check on Miss Madness' condition. Finally Randy convinced George to get back in the ring. Charles used a double ax handle on his opponent and then began a series of illegal chokes by using the ropes. As if that wasn't enough he began choking her while she was flat on the mat. When she got up he threw her in the corner and gave her a vicious chop to the chest. Feeling like he had the match in hand he did the Flair Strut only to have George throw him in the corner and give him several chops to the chest. After throwing him from the top turnbuckle and clotheslining him George was the first to go for a pinfall, but she only got a two count. While Charles tried to get up in the corner George took a run at him but missed and slammed herself into the ringpost. Asia quickly grabbed her leg while George was out of it and began working on George's knee. This got her a karate kick right to the head from Madusa and all hell broke loose. As the ref tried to break up Madusa and Asia outside the ring Charles kept working on George's knee inside the ring. He finally was able to get her into the figure-four but after a few painful minutes George was able to reverse it. About this time Asia started for the ring and Miss Madness grabbed her leg which caused the ref to try and break that up. As he was doing that Ric came into the ring and helped Charles out of the figure-four only to have Randy clobber him from behind and knock him out of the ring. Randy then gave Charles a low blow and body slammed him to the mat while George placed herself on the top rope and jumped on his prone body with an elbow right to the chest. That was the end as she got the 3 count and won the match.

06/07/99 WCW Monday Nitro Randy was pitted up against Sting. Normally Macho would be a handful for Sting, but Sting was definitely the underdog as the 'Machoettes' helped by jumping on Sting's back so that Macho could hit him or Madusa could kick him. Sting was never really in the match as Macho and the women double teamed him like a well oiled machine. Finally the Machoettes distracted the ref while Randy pulled out a bag of salt and threw it in Sting's eyes. Macho then sat Sting on the top rope and let Miss Madness get in to do some damage, but Sting pushed her off and into the middle of the ring on her butt. Now turning his attention back to Sting Macho got a big surprise as Sting began hammering him with shots to the face. Getting back into the swing of things, Sting went after Macho with a Stinger Splash only to crush both Macho and Miss Madness at the same time. Sting was on a roll now as Macho did his usual thing and tried to hide behind Madusa. Madusa got a splash of her own and as Sting turned around to go after Randy again George pleaded with Sting to stop. Sting paid her no mind as she moved which allowed Sting to get Randy once and for all. Now that it looked like Sting would mop up, the Steiner's hit the ring and he was unable to capitalize on the situation.

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