Miss Nora | Fast Facts
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Nora knows a bit of sign language and is eager to know more.
Nora knows how to do ballroom dancing.
Nora wants to learn Japanese and Spanish.
Nora took piano lessons.
Nora is proud that she shaved her head bald.
Nora's best friends are Charles Robinson and Ivory.
Nora's favorite moment about her WWE career is Wrestlemania XX.
Nora doesn't have any pets.
Nora likes wrestling Victoria.
Trained by Rip Rogers in OVW.
Best friend with Tony Mamaluke.
Trained with Tony Mamaluke at Dean Malenko's school in Tampa, FL
A huge fan of AJ Styles
Learned how to do sheetrock
Her favorite football team is MN Vikings.
Nora graduated from Forest Lake High School June 6, 1996.
Nora has three cars - 1965 Olds Delta88, 1969 Chevy Camaro Z28, and a 1986 Chevy Monte Carlo SS.
Nora had a cat named "Steve" for a little while, and a dog named "Darn Dog" for around 10 years when she was younger.

More Fast Facts
Molly Holly is Gail Kim's favorite female wrestler.
Molly Holly was trained by Dean Malenko.
Nora's nationalities are German, Danish, Swedish and Eskimo Indian.
Nora, herself, said that she will NEVER pose for Playboy.
Nora is a Christian.
Nora had her first actual match at Wrestlemania XX.
Nora became the first woman to get her head shaved after losing a match at Wrestlemania XX.