Interact | Why Molly? | 01-20 Submissions
#1 Submission
Name: Megan
Email: Unknown
Why?: Molly is my all-time favorite wrestler because she works so hard and she tries her best all the time. She is one of the best WWE Divas out there.

#2 Submission
Name: Kyle
Email: Unknown
Why?: Her attitude makes her look hot.

#3 Submission
Name: Joey
Email: Unknown
Why?: I like Molly because she isn't one of those skimpy Divas. I like conservative women, but a little clevage and tummy showing is GREAT! :)

#4 Submission
Name: Sara
Email: Unknown
Why?: She is the only woman out there in the wwe with the ability to inspire, simple as that.

#5 Submission
Name: Joe
Email: Unknown
Why?: Because she was really nice to me when I met her, and she has morals and values I wish everyone had.

#6 Submission
Name: Arlando
Email: Unknown
Why?: My impression of her is that she is 'good people' and she could REALLY revolutionize the WWE's women's division-if she is allowed to. Plus, Why WOULDN'T one like Molly?

#7 Submission
Name: Shabana
Email: Unknown
Why?: I just absoultuely love her, she oozes of awesomeness. She is extremely inspiring, and if someone sacrifice her head to be shaved then it shows her love and desire for the company. But I think she shaved her head to give it up for lent.

#8 Submission
Name: Juan Powers
Email: Unknown
Why?: She has a natural body unlike the rest of those surgicaly enhanced women on Raw and Smackdown.

#9 Submission
Name: Samantha
Email: Unknown
Why?: Because she can wrestle unlike most of the other divas in the WWE and she does not run around the ring half naked.

#10 Submission
Name: Heaven
Email: Unknown
Why?: She puts her body and soul into entertaining the fans, and she isn't afraid to take any risks. She embarresed herself at WrestleMania XX when her head was shaved by Victoria, and she still competes to entertain us. I think that what she does for her fans is the idea that she will do anything to complete her goal in the WWE, whether it be to shave her head as many times as possible to show she has the willingness to do it, or to bend over backwards to win a title. It shows that Nora can do whatever she is put to the test to do.

#11 Submission
Name: James
Email: Unknown
Why?: Molly is a Christian and very friendly in real life, plus she can have a great match with anyone in the ring. Also, she is the most beautiful athlete in WWE and the true Women's Champion, when she has the belt and when she doesn't.

#12 Submission
Name: Cherry
Email: Unknown
Why?: I think molly is a true role-model for young girls. She is classy, and shows that if you work hard enough for what you want the right way, you will eventually succeed.

#13 Submission
Name: Jessica
Email: Unknown
Why?: She is such a role model to me.

#14 Submission
Name: Erika
Email: Unknown
Why?: She always gives 100% to her fans, and she shaved her hear bald to entertain us.

#15 Submission
Name: LitaNo#1Fan
Email: Unknown
Why?: I adore Molly Holly as she is a great wrestler which is what I like. I know you must be thinking then why do I love Lita lol but there is something different about Molly. I love her cockyness and her cheaky attitude plus I would say she is the best female wrestler to ever step foot in a WWE ring. To me, Molly closley resembles Meiko Satomura from GAEA. The both are tremendous wrestlers and both have a similar move setting, the techinical side of things. I would be really said if Molly was to leave wrestling soon as she is clearly 'THE BEST'.

#16 Submission
Name: Klaudia
Email: Unknown
Why?: Right now, she is the only hope for the womans title since she is the best wrestler there.

#17 Submission
Name: Gary Smith
Email: Unknown
Why?: Because she was the only wwe diva who wasn't a slut or a punk.

#18 Submission
Name: Mike Summers
Email: Unknown
Why?: I like Molly because she is a tremendously gifted athlete, a beautiful woman and she loves God! I admire her for her beliefs and not being afraid to share her feelings about it. I also now know the fact that she is kind, gentle, sweet, and caring person who always lights up a room with her smile.

#19 Submission
Name: Brendan
Email: Unknown
Why?: She's different than the rest. :)

#20 Submission
Name: Jessica Nelson
Email: Unknown
Why?: Molly Holly is full of surprises, you never know what she's going to do.