Interact | Storyline | 21-40 Submissions
#21 Submission
Name: Joey
Email: Unknown
Storyline: Team up with the Hurricane & Rosey to become, Mighty Molly! Then she would help them become Tag Team Champs and she would be the Women's Champion. They would all 3 feud with Tyson, Christian, & Trish!

#22 Submission
Name: Leslie
Email: Unknown
Storyline: Remember Molly/Victoria from early 2004? Yeah, well, instead of Molly losing the Women's title and her hair as well, how about -- well, since I would love to see a blonde stereotypical bimbo shaved bald -- Trish making fun of Molly getting shaved bald at WM20 and Molly getting her revenge by facing Trish in a title match later on in the night (with Molly ending Trish's 6th title reign after forcing her to submit to a modified camel clutch -- Remember that Kane put Trish on a stretcher and in a neckbrace on the January 17, 2005 edition of RAW). Trish attempts to cut off some of Molly's hair that she worked hard to grow back and Bischoff makes a match for WM 21: Molly vs. Trish (title vs. hair). Molly gains her first WrestleMania win in a scheduled title match and poor Trish is shaved bald. I also remember that Molly wanted to give her hair to Locks of Love ( but couldn't because her hair was too short (7 inches; Locks of Love wants it to! be at least 10 inches). Molly would be doing something nice by collecting Trish's hair and giving it to Locks of Love, using "Doing charity work is good." as her reason.

#23 Submission
Name: April Rodriguez
Email: Unknown
Storyline: Joining Evolution and taking control.

#24 Submission
Name: Kamalei
Email: Unknown
Storyline: I'd have her come back to the WWE and win the Women's Championship.

#25 Submission
Name: Mike Summers
Email: Unknown
Storyline: I would have her team up with Shawn Michaels in a mixed tag team match against Eric Bischoff and Victoria. I would like to see Molly get her revenge on Victoria for cutting her hair at WMXX and then execute the Molly-Go-Round on Bischoff after Sweet Chin Music from Michaels. And a TKO on Victoria... done!

#26 Submission
Name: French Fan
Email: Unknown
Storyline: I want to see Molly Holly on Women's Champion again or on a Cruiserweight Champion. :)