Interact | One Question | 01-20 Submissions
#1 Submission
Name: Megan
Email: Private
Question: I would ask her if she could come to Cincinnati to do some autograph signings.

#2 Submission
Name: Joey
Email: Private
Question: Do you feel neglected AND when are you coming near me?

#3 Submission
Name: Juan Powers
Email: Private
Question: How do you feel about getting your head shaved at WMXX and will it grow back?

#4 Submission
Name: James
Email: Private
Question: I've already asked her out twice with no results, so if I see her again, I'll probably ask for a hug and/or kiss. Respectfully, of course.

#5 Submission
Name: Kamalei
Email: Private
Question: I'd tell her that she's my role model & I love her to death. Then, I'd ask her who was her childhood hero.

#6 Submission
Name: Mike Summers
Email: Private
Question: One question? Hmmm... If you would have it to do all over again, would you change anything? And if so, what would it be?

#7 Submission
Name: Mand
Email: Private
Question: It's 4th of July, what will you be doing today?

#8 Submission
Name: Mercedes
Email: Private
Question: Why don't you hurry and come back to the WWE? The Women's Division would be so much better with you!

#9 Submission
Name: Destiny
Email: Private
Question: Will you please come back to the WWE and show Torrie Wilson that she's not a wrestler?

#10 Submission
Name: Robert
Question: Are your feet ticklish??

#11 Submission
Name: Kevin Johnson
Question: Coffee sometime? So then I can get to know her and get more out of that than what one question could answer.

#12 Submission
Name: Deon
Question: A fan asked where your favorite place to Visit and you said St John's Nl . just wondering why. Thank you.

#13 Submission
Name: Dale Carew
Question: I live in St. John's, Newfoundland Canada; I'm wondering what it was about St. John's that made you love to visit here?

#14 Submission
Name: Matt Ledbetter
Question: Will you go out with me? I'll buy!