Interact | Manager/Valet | 21-40 Submissions
#21 Submission
Name: Joey
Email: Private
Who?: Molly doesn't need a man for her to suceed!

#22 Submission
Name: Jessica
Email: Private
Who?: Chris 'Y2J' Jericho

#23 Submission
Name: Amber
Email: Private
Who?: Edge

#24 Submission
Name: Joey
Email: Private
Who? Hurricane Helms and Rosey

#25 Submission
Name: Adam Nelson
Email: Private
Who?: She doesn't need to manage anyone, but if she had to, Shelton Benjamin.

#26 Submission
Name: Roxy
Email: Private
Who?: I think she could manage and wrestler. If she did, maybe, she could manage Evolution.

#27 Submission
Name: Michael
Email: Private
Who?: Chris 'Y2J' Jericho, in an weird storyline where Jericho's in love with Molly and Molly hates Jericho.

#28 Submission
Name: April Rodriguez
Email: Private
Who?: Christian

#29 Submission
Name: Mike Summers
Email: Private
Who?: Shawn 'HBK' Michaels, Sting (else where), and Rob Vaughn (CWF)

#30 Submission
Name: GLOWlad
Email: Private
Who?: Christian... now he is in TNA!

#31 Submission
Name: Destiny
Email: Private
Who?: Kurt Angle. My Olympic Hero and my favorite Diva preaching abstinence for all. And the Three I's of course.

#32 Submission
Name: MCG
Who?: The Hurricane - she would not look good with Triple H.