Interact | Birthday Present | 01-20 Submissions
#1 Submission
Name: Megan
Email: Private
Present: I would give her some clothes! :)

#2 Submission
Name: Nick
Email: Private
Present: This'll sound pathetic, but as most know Molly loves cars, as do I and on the Before They Were Superstars DVD, she says she always wanted a '67 Chevelle SS, which is also a car I like. So if I had the money, I'd give her a '67 Chevelle SS like she always wanted.

#3 Submission
Name: Martin Riley
Email: Private
Present: I already have Nora Greenwald's birthday presents back in my room so when she gets them, they are drawings of her throughout her career and she already knows we are going to meet soon and she has one of them as we speak!

#4 Submission
Name: Tanya
Email: Private
Present: I would give her a little German Shephard Huskey (or Huskee) puppy.

#5 Submission
Name: Tabitha
Email: Private
Present: Love! I know that you can't buy it. I'm not dumb! lol! Anything that she would want!

#6 Submission
Name: Kyle
Email: Private
Present: I would buy her a rabbit just like the one she had in her photo shoot, so she can have her own!

#7 Submission
Name: Cody
Email: Private
Present: A Bible (I hear it's her favorite book).

#8 Submission
Name: James
Email: Private
Present: I'd really like to write a song for her, even if I've never written one before. Molly provides great inspiration. A more expensive idea would be a classic car that she likes, like Nick said.

#9 Submission
Name: Joey
Email: Private
Present: The World (Hail Queen Nora).

#10 Submission
Name: Kamalei
Email: Private
Present: I wouldn't buy her anything. It would be a collage I MADE with all her pictures and some quotes she said that I live my life by.

#11 Submission
Name: Mike Summers
Email: Private
Present: That's really tough. Obviously, a Bible, because that what she loves to read everyday. A bouquet of flowers out of respect would be another thing. And a Christian flag for her to hang in her living room.

#12 Submission
Name: Jessica Nelson
Email: Private
Present: If I wanted to get Nora a bithday present, I would get her a ideo library of Shirley Temple videos because Shirley Temple is Pure & Wholesome like Nora and probably some wrestling videos so she can remember the times she had while she wrestled for wwe with the exception of the WMXX video.

#13 Submission
Name: Jeus
Email: Private
Present: My love.

#14 Submission
Name: Mercedes
Email: Private
Present: If I had the money, lol, I would give her 3 tickets to go to Germany.