Interact| A Day With Nora | 21-40 Submissions
#21 Submission
Name: Mercedes
Email: Private
Day: We would just talk all day and laugh and then I'll ask her to teach me how to do the splits and a back flip. lol

#22 Submission
Name: Paul Westbrook
Day: Discuss Christianity, wrestling, movies.

#23 Submission
Name: Kevin Johnson
Day: Well if it were a Sunday or Saturday night we would do Church. Maybe the Gym, talk wrestling, and since I live in the Twin Cities I would love to see how I could be of help with MN. teen challenge. But since I am single and around her age it would feel alot like a date and not a fan hanging out with a wrestler. So mostly a-lot of Minnesota fun.

#24 Submission
Name: Jesse Hale
Day: Most likely, watch classic wrestling, Dukes of Hazzard, my ghost stories, and hang out with Robbie Knievel's bodyguard who I know personally.

#25 Submission
Name: Zach Moye (One mother f*cker)
Day: Yeah right. You expect me to sum up what I would do with such a pretty girll in a single message? I miss seeing you on television. Hope you see ya soon.

#26 Submission
Name: April Rodriguez
Day: We would stay at home, watch movies and order pizza!