Interact | A Day With Nora | 01-20 Submissions
#1 Submission
Name: Megan
Email: Private
Day: We would go to the mall and just hang out. Maybe after that, we would come over to my house and watch movies.

#2 Submission
Name: Angela
Email: Private
Day: I think I'd like to just hang out at a circus with her, lol. Looks promising. Then we'd have dinner and maybe wrestle a bit. And end up jumping up and down in a trampoline with Jeff Hardy. hehe

#3 Submission
Name: Joe
Email: Private
Day: I'd like to ask her if she would allow me to go a day in the life as a WWE star with her. She lets me follow her and see a day in her WWE life.

#4 Submission
Name: Lizzie
Email: Private
Day: I think we'd give it a run in the ring, going against each other so I could learn a few things from her. Then we'd go out shopping and eating!

#5 Submission
Name: Alan
Email: Private
Day: I'd hang out with her at the mall, tell her how much I admire what she does, and ask her stuff about her career and her life. Then we could go to my house or her house and play video games...if she like video games...That would probably be one of the questions I'd ask her. lol

#6 Submission
Name: Mike
Email: Private
Day: I would start off by taking her out to brunch so that we could chat, and I could get to know the real Molly. Then I would drive with her out to the lake and sit and talk and enjoy nature. Then, I would (attempt to) cook her dinner. Finally, I would take her out for a movie before taking her back to her place and asking if I could spend another day with her sometime.

#7 Submission
Name: Tanya
Email: Private
Day: We would go to the mall and buy some clothes, shoes,cds and then we would go to my mom's house to play viceo games and much much more.

#8 Submission
Name: Sara
Email: Private
Day: I would be ready with my work out gear when she would show up in a limo. She would be in her gear too. We would hug, exchange "Oh its so nice to see you". I would get into the limo and drive off to a seculded work out gym where she would show me some tips. After that, we would go to a little ring where she would tell me what a typical day in her life would be. Then tell me about the wrestling world, then talking about an actual wrestling match. She would show me a few simple moves to start out with, then would would get into a little match. She would win, probably kick my ass, truthfully. I would then invite her to come to my indoor pool. After we got showered, we would go out to eat and perhaps an arcade. She may even teach me a thing or two about cars when she tries to fix up my dumb ass car.

#9 Submission
Name: Robert
Email: Private
Day: First I would get in the ring with her and have her learn me gymnastics and her Back Handspring elbow and Molly Go Round . Then we would go out settledown and have dinner and then go to the movies or watch movies !!

#10 Submission
Name: Tabitha
Email: Private
Day: Hang out and have fun, maybe go shopping and then go to an amusement park!

#11 Submission
Name: Kyle
Email: Private
Day: I think we could go to a car show....which would be boring but it's just to keep her happy the whole day and at night I would go to the movies with her!!!

#12 Submission
Name: Joe
Email: Private
Day: I would pick her up from the airport before RAW and we would go out to get some hot dogs and then go bowling for a while. Then we'd find a sports bar and watch the Cubs for a while and then go to RAW. Afterwards just have dinner and say thanks for your time!

#13 Submission
Name: Steffie
Email: Private
Day: Sounds weird, but spend the day by the lake swimming and fishing, and then go horseback riding

#14 Submission
Name: Juan Powers
Email: Private
Day: Play video games, eat pizza and watch DVDs.

#15 Submission
Name: James
Email: Private
Day: I'd like to take her out to dinner and a movie and talk to her about being a Christian and a professional wrestler. I am a Christian and I hope to make it to WWE as a wrestler someday, so this is something I've thought about a lot. Of course, I'd really do anything she wanted to do.

#16 Submission
Name: Joey
Email: Private
Day: First, I would pick her up in my arms and carry her away to Sweden so we can eat some chocolate cake and then drink some coffee moccas. Then I would fly her to Antarctica and we could eat snow cones and then she could go back to RAW to get the TITLE!

#17 Submission
Name: Scott
Email: Private
Day: Whatever she wanted to do.

#18 Submission
Name: Amber
Email: Private
Day: I would just talk at the mall. We would go on some kind of shopping spree around the mall.

#19 Submission
Name: Jerome
Email: Private
Day: Church! restaurant then the movies all the same day then take her back to the hotel, but of course she would have to disquise herself with a baseball cap, etc.

#20 Submission
Name: Mike Summers
Email: Private
Day: I would probably invite her to church if it was on a Sunday she wasn't wrestling and she would meet my pastor and some of my friends. They would absolutely be floored that a WWE wrestler would be in their church. But then again, my pastor would be so excited to have her at the service and would pray for safe travel mercies to the next WWE RAW show. We would then go shopping so that she could get something related to Mt. Shasta as a souvenir. Then, we would go over to a friend's house and watch any of her matches on DVD (as long as it wasn't WMXX - he-he). Then, an exchange of email addresses, phone numbers or whatever, a big hug and off to RAW.