Exclusives | Terri Poch Interview | 61-80 Questions
#61 Question
Name: Sime'on "T-Bone" Hubbard
Question: Hi Terri, I watched you @ Summerslam 1999 and you had a terrific match against Lisa Moretti a.k.a. Ivory, so I would like to know what was it like working w/Ivory in the WWE and did you 2 get along backstage?
Also I want to know your thoughts on the current direction in the WWE, what are your thoughts on Trish Stratus opening up a yoga gym and what are your thoughts on TNA Wrestling?
Answer: Trish is opening a yoga gym? News to me, congratulations to her! Im sure her body is rockin' too now. I loved Ivory and working with her was a blast. I do not watch WWE or TNA though.

#62 Question
Name: K.C. Mason
Question: What do you think about the women division now today? Who did you like to work with in the wrestling scene? Like Lita, Trish Stratus, Victoria, Melina, Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, or Gail Kim?
Answer: I do not watch, sorry!

#63 Question
Name: Margherita
Question: Hi Tori, I was just wondering would you ever make a return to wrestling in the WWE? And if you had a chance to wrestle anyone on the current roster that you have not wrestled before, who would it be?
Answer: I do not know who is on the current roster that I havent faced .. and I would make a return to WWE but thats it.

#64 Question
Name: Chris S.
Question: As a former WWF diva, what was the craziest fan encounter you have witnessed?
Answer: Signing someones behind. No Im not kidding either!

#65 Question
Name: Jonathan Paplanus
Question: First of all let me just say that I am a huge fan of your's Ms. Poch. I thought you were a great wrestler and an even more beautiful woman. If you have the time I would like to ask you three questions. I would also want to say that I miss you wrestling. This leads me to my questions:

1. I know you are focusing on your yoga career, but is there any chance that you will go back to wrestling? I was kind of hoping to see you on TNA Impact. The women's division needs more talented wrestlers like Gail Kim, Jacqueline Moore, and you.

2. Speaking of wrestling, do you still watch it on TV? What do you think of the women's division in WWE and TNA? My personal favorite wrestling woman is now Gail Kim, and I was wondering what you think of her in-ring skills, since you have never met her to my knowledge?

3. Last but certainly not least what do you think of these wrestlers that you have either worked with or met in person:
Molly Holly
Jacqueline Moore
Terri Runnels
The Kat
Trish Stratus
Gail Kim (just in case you ever met her in person or even wrestled her in the independent circuit) and Lita?
Thank you so much for your time and have a nice day.

Answer: I do not watch TNA or WWE. I have never seen TNA either so I wouldnt know about that. I liked working with all the girls you have mentioned except I ahvent worked with Gail Kim.

#66 Question
Name: Evan
Question: Hello Terri! What was it like working your feud with the Dudley Boyz in 2000?
Answer: Really fun and amaizing to see the crowd respond to my table initiation haha.

#67 Question
Name: Mario
Question: Will you ever go or try to go back to WWE or TNA-Wrestling?
Answer: Depends. I would like to go back to WWE but not this moment.

#68 Question
Name: April Rodriguez
Question: Why did you decide to quit the wrestling business?
Answer: Disagreement with managment.

#69 Question
Name: Vin
Question: Have you ever worked with John Cena back in OVW? What do you think of him as a person? How about as a wrestler?
Answer: No I havent.

#70 Question
Name: Johnny
Question: Is there any chance for you to come back to wrestling again? If so, I hope to see you in TNA (Total Nonstop Action).
Answer: Im not sure.

#71 Question
Name: Jo
Question: Is Nora going to return to wrestling?
Answer: Id ask Nora dear.

#72 Question
Name: Kelvin
Question: Tori, where have you been since your WWE Release? Have you think of going back to the WWE again?
Answer: I have been living life! Enjoying it day by day. I dont think Id go back to WWE unless the circumstances were different.

#73 Question
Name: Richard
Question: When you were in that women's title match with Ivory under hardcore rules and you were bare feet, did your feet get cut after getting hit in the head with the mirror and/or did anything else get cut?
Answer: Yes but I knew what I was getting myself into when I signed that contract!

#74 Question
Name: Unknown
Question: Would you ever consider acting?
Answer: No, not my flavor.

#75 Question
Name: Fishy
Question: Hi Terri!
1. When you first started your wrestling career, what was the hardest thing to grasp in terms of learning the ropes and understanding the ring psychology?
2. How did it feel to win the LPWA championship?
3. What were some of your best memories from the LPWA?
4. Can you share some of your experience traveling? Was it tough, or fun?
5. I've seen you in two WWE Divas specials (Postcard from the Caribbean and Hedonism) what was it like doing photoshoots in places like the Caribbean and Jamaica?
6. Yoga has obviously inspired you and helped you in so many ways mentally and physically. What got you into yoga and it's effective training?
7. Tough Enough was a good opportunity to see Terri Poch as a person. What was it like training the young teens who wanted to become future superstars?
8. Did you ever think about releasing a DVD showcasing your yoga skills? I know with your skills, you can help a lot of people reach their goals.
9. You worked with Victoria in OVW, did you notice before anyone else that she was a star in the making?
10. Bret Hart is my favorite male wrestler and I know you've never worked together (sadly). But his brother Owen was around before his passing. What are your thoughts on Owen?
11. In many interviews, you said you love to read. Any favorite books?
Answer: 1. When I first started, the hardest thing was bumping. Natural reaction isnt to throw yourself on the ground. But once you get used to it .. all is well!
2. Very good! The response was great and I felt like I was walking on cloud 9.
3. Working with the women there! What amaizing people. My favorite moment was winning the title though.
4. Being away from family is but if you love it then it is great.
5. I wasnt really too comfortable .. I am not best friends with the water but going scuba diving helped me a bit. It was nice weather though .. just tough work.
6. Getting in touch with your spiritual side is really a great thing and thats what leaded me into yoga.
7. The show itself was frustrating to do .. it wasnt the training but like all TV things are preplanned.
8. Im not a mainstream person, I dont think I would do that.
9. I knew as a wrestler she'd be a star but who knows with the way WWE pushes people.
10. I never got to work much with either of them but I do respect them greatly.
11. Mystery books are my favorite!