Exclusives | Terri Poch Interview | 41-60 Questions
#41 Question
Name: Brad
Question: Hi Terri. First off, I'd like to say that I'm a really big fan! And I was just wondering what it was like for you to work with Rena Mero and Luna Vachon?
Answer: It was a huge honor to work with both. Luna was a great worker and person. Sable was pretty cool as well.

#42 Question
Name: Jessica Kunz
Question: Hi Terri. What are you thoughts on working with both Victoria & Trish Stratus?
Answer: Wow! Is all I can say. Its funny because you can look at someone in the street and think "normal person" not knowing who or what they'll turn out to be someday.

#43 Question
Name: T
Question: Have you ever fought Victoria in any matches, if you do, please tell me?
Answer: Yes I have.

#44 Question
Name: Rick Ryatt
Question: Teri, why did you leave the WWE?
Answer: Mutual disagreement with WWE.

#45 Question
Name: CJ
Question: First, you are one of my favorite wrestlers. Second, what was your favorite match in the WWF?
Answer: WM15 was my favorite!

#46 Question
Name: Notorious A.R.T
Question: Terri, I would like to know if you ever wrestled Victoria? And who won? I’d really like to see that match. Would you ever consider coming back to the WWE as a active wrestler? Victoria and Mickie could sure benefit from some real talent.
Answer: I have wrestled Victoria, and there was no winner. It was a training match in OVW. I would not consider coming back sadly.

#47 Question
Name: Kyle
Question: What was it like being a member of D-Generation X in 2000?
Answer: Nerve racking at first but amaizing once things started progressing along.

#48 Question
Name: Eric
Question: Tori, you were one of my favorite divas ever. I was sad you never got the push you deserved and they had you lose to Sable at WM15 and you carried her through the whole match and they had you like wanting to be like that. I just wanted to let you know your one of the most beautiful talented divas to ever step foot in WWE. My question is, what is your favorite match you been in and would you go back to WWE? Are you still wrestling today because I would love to see you wrestle?
Answer: My favorite match was WM15, I would not go back and no I do not wrestle.

#49 Question
Name: Eric
Question: I had to ask one more question, does winning the women’s title mean anything anymore?
Answer: In my eyes no .. and it never really did because unless you have the BEST OF THE BEST working for it and at it .. then absolutley not .. its just a prop to get people over.

#50 Question
Name: Enzo
Question: Have you kept in touch with any former WWE divas and who are your current favorite divas today?
Answer: Victoria, Trish, and Lita. I do not keep in touch with any though.

#51 Question
Name: Tejsel
Question: What have you been up to since being away from the WWE? Will there ever be a chance that you'll have a special guest appearance with the current WWE Divas?
Answer: Yoga and living life! I do not know if I'd come back. Im not holding my breath for a WWE phone call either.

#52 Question
Name: Adam
Question: If you were asked to return to the WWE what would be your answer?
Answer: Yes .. I wouldnt mind giving it one more go but as I said above .. I doubt they'd call.

#53 Question
Name: Harry
Question: Did you always ever want to get in to wrestling or did you want to do something else? And also if u had a chance to come back to the WWE, would you think about it?
Answer: I always changed my mind about what I wanted to do .. if I had the chance Id come back.

#54 Question
Name: Adrock67
Question: Were the male wrestlers always on the make for the divas? What were the best & worst pick-up lines you heard from WWE superstars?
Answer: Id rather not because I do not want to sound like a pervert haha!

#55 Question
Name: Kris Ledwick
Question: What was it like to work with Victoria in OVW? Was she a quick learner?
Answer: Very fast, and diligent learned! Awesome girl!

#56 Question
Name: George
Question: If the WWE offered you another contract, what would be your reaction?
Answer: Shocked in one word.

#57 Question
Name: Robert
Question: Hi Terri, while you were in WWE, your finisher was known as the Tori Suplex. However you did not win a match with this move, therefore I would like to know which move you considered your finisher while in WWE? Thanks!
Answer: The ToriPlex LOL.

#58 Question
Name: Kerry
Question: Hi Terri, do you still teach yoga? Do you have any DVD’s out on yoga? How do you feel about having a match with Molly?
Answer: I love Molly, and no I do not have a DVD out. Im not a mainstream person.

#59 Question
Name: Brian
Question: Will you ever come back to the WWE or TNA?
Answer: WWE yes .. TNA maybe.

#60 Question
Question: I have been to several Wrestling Fan Fests/Legends shows and your name is one that is often brought up as a person that many fans would like to meet, myself included. Have you given any thought to appearing at a show or been contacted by any promoters to appear.
Answer: Yes I have but none around my area.