Exclusives | Terri Poch Interview | 21-40 Questions
#21 Question
Name: Mick
Question: How did you like working your storyline with Lisa “Ivory” Moretti? Did you enjoy the hardcore match you participated in with her?
Answer: I liked it because it got a great response. Its one of those things, whether you liked it or not it is in the history books and I liked it so it made it that much better. Ivory was really charasmatic and working with her was a blast.

#22 Question
Name: Bobby
Question: Hi Terri, you’ve had the opportunity to work with both Trish. Did you ever think she would get this far?
Answer: Absolutley not! Who did? Everyone who says yes is lieing because nobody has ever gotten further than Trish so who would have predicted the standards would have gotten higher without seeing it for yourself.

#23 Question
Name: Missy
Question: Hello Terri. I have a question for you; I want to know how you felt when you worked with Victoria in OVW and do you think you would get to work with her again?
Answer: I felt honored to be involved with such an amaizing up-in-coming star. I do not wrestle anymore but Id love to work with her again somehow.

#24 Question
Name: Khismar
Question: Of all the female wrestlers you’ve stepped into the ring with, which one took you to the limit?
Answer: Jacqueline was pretty tough.:)

#25 Question
Name: Kosta
Question: Which divas did you most enjoy working with?
Answer: All of them were something new and exciting for me!

#26 Question
Name: Dean
Question: What was it like working with The Kat in the chocolate pudding match and working with her in general?
Answer: She was a fun lady, very bold and daring but fun. I never liked those matches though.

#27 Question
Name: Scott
Question: Terri, when you worked with Nora during the WWF days, did you think that she would be so dominant in the ring and did you think that her popularity would skyrocket as it is right now?
Answer: Yes, Nora was amaizing to work with .. so elegant and easy to flow with her.

#28 Question
Name: Maria
Question: Will you come back to the WWE?
Answer: Never say never.

#29 Question
Name: JCLS
Question: Were you and Molly ever scheduled to wrestle at one point?
Answer: We have worked together before, but in a full fledged feud .. we were supposed to work that too but my injury held that back.

#30 Question
Name: Mohit
Question: Hey Terri. I just wanted to ask about your experiences with Ivory, Jackie, Luna , Nicole & Kat??
Answer: Ivory, Jackie, Luna, and Kat were all great women. Nicole was cool too!

#31 Question
Name: Howard Gardner
Question: Terri, what do you think of the women's division currently in the WWE?
Answer: I think I'd have a better answer for you if I watched it lol.

#32 Question
Name: Florin
Question: I saw some of your matches. Did you want to be a WWF Women’s Champion?
Answer: I would have liked nothing more!

#33 Question
Name: Sillia
Question: What is the most memorable match you've had?
Answer: All of them have a special place in my heart .. everyone was really different and defined me as a person.

#34 Question
Name: Cody
Question: If you could team up with a present WWE Diva, who would it be?
Answer: Victoria! I hear she is still signed and shes wonderful .. why not?

#35 Question
Name: Steph
Question: Hi Terri, I loved you in your DX Days. Just wanted to know what was it like being a part of a big group like DX, and were you comfortable working with people so high up?
Answer: Ill be the first to admit I was nervous but honored to be put in a league with people of such high class. They were big timers in the company and to work with them was superb!

#36 Question
Name: Jessie
Question: What women would you like to work with in the wrestling ring that you had never got the chance too?
Answer: A few women from Japan.

#37 Question
Name: Chase
Question: Back in 2001 when you were the helper or I should say ninja of Raven, how did it feel to be in this great story line with Molly Holly? It went on for weeks every time Molly got close to reveling who the ninja was, she got knocked down and when she finally did, it was such a great storyline!
Answer: It really could have been something special and remarkable but the ball was dropped on it all!

#38 Question
Name: David Sabick
Question: I am doing a fund raiser in the Duluth, MN area and Nora Greenwald will be on the show. I was wondering if you would like to take part in it? The date is July 21st.
Answer: Very tempting sir, and Id love to take the offer but I do not wrestle anymore. I am sorry!

#39 Question
Name: Carol Garofalo
Question: Hey sweetie: Just wanted to say that it's good that it's good to see you are doing ok. Actually I have two questions.
1. When you were working with Victoria "back in the day", did you see the potential she had to become a holder of the Women's Title?
2. Do you have any regrets not getting the chance to hold that title yourself?
Answer: 1. You can't live with regrets. Living with regrets means you are ashamed of what you've done. I dont think I could have done anything more to have deserved the belt. If I didnt get it, I didnt .. but I wasnt going to swallow myself pride to perhaps swallow something else if you get what I mean.
2. Victoria, I knew she'd make it somewhere .. shes a wonderful, amazing woman .. I however didnt know if in WWE theyd give her a title opportunity.

#40 Question
Name: Makia
Question: If you still watch wrestling, do you think that Victoria needs a push? Do you believe that they are really trying to use there women’s division or are they just throwing any little unprofessional at them?
Answer: Whether or whether not I watch, I strongly believe she deserves a push.