Exclusives | Terri Poch Interview | 01-20 Questions
#1 Question
Name: Marty
Question: How was it working with Victoria in OVW? Did you sense that she had the potential to make it in the big leagues back then?
Answer: I really do not want to come off as a know it all so to speak but I really did know she would get somewhere. She is hot, which whether or not if it matters to you .. it does to sell a product. She had an amaizing personality and charisma that was unmatchable to anyone else. Working with her was my pleasure and if I were still in the business Id love to do it again.

#2 Question
Name: Marty
Question: What is your most and least favorite memory of being part of the WWF?
Answer: Most would be Wrestlemania 15. It was an amaizing experience to be chasing gold at your debut title match, at your first Wrestlemania .. and did I say it was Wrestlemania? Haha. My least would be the ninja gimmick for reasons I for the sake of not being rude will choose not to say.

#3 Question
Name: Kellen
Question: What male wrestlers did you beat during your time in WWF, I heard Gillberg and X-Pac?
Answer: Working with the men was great, I really do not remember who exactly .. we work a lot more matches and shows than you guys think or see. Before shows we used to train a lot with different people and mix it up.

#4 Question
Name: Will
Question: What were your original goals when you first signed with WWE? (Did you think you'd be a full time wrestler and win the women's title?) And what plans did they have for you after your shoulder injury? (Remember that you were shortly Raven's Black Ninja)
Answer: My plans were to be successful! I am not sure if that went well or not because there are many ways to define "successful". I would like to think Ive given it my all, but you never really know unless there is a standard set. WWE's plans changed a lot .. at the end of the day they insisted I stay down in OVW and train more but I felt that was not needed and the rest is history.

#5 Question
Name: NRR
Question: Were you in a real life relationship with X-Pac?
Answer: No, I was not actually.

#6 Question
Name: Diana
Question: What was it like working with Victoria?
Answer: As said earlier she was an amaizing women, full of charisma and spunk!

#7 Question
Name: Vin
Question: Hey Terri. It is great to hear from you again in some extent. I was wondering, what have you been up to since your departure from the WWF/E and might you have any intensions on returning in the coming future?
Answer: Since leaving WWF, I have been able to focus a lot more on me and my life. The schedule was chaotic and it wasn't for everyone but I did enjoy my time. I would not however go back .. Ive heard the division is on a low and I don't think WWE would give me the oppurtunity or anyone unless it were to be Trish to pick up the pieces. I do however still do love Trish.

#8 Question
Name: Ramir
Question: When will you go back to the WWE?
Answer: I don't plan to.

#9 Question
Name: Tony
Question: How did you like the WWE and why did you leave?
Answer: Like everything there were the pro's and con's of it all. I left because of reasons Id rather not discuss but I will leave it at we weren't coming to a mutual agreement.

#10 Question
Name: Vito
Question: Was it fun working with Victoria in OVW?
Answer: Very fun, shes hillarious too!

#11 Question
Name: Megan
Question: I've been deaf since I was born and I'd love to become a wrestler one day. Do you think I can do it even though I can't hear? If so, do you have any tips for me?
Answer: Of course you can do it! Nothing except hearing the crowd, or ref, or your trainer will hold you back but all that can be worked around.

#12 Question
Name: Dani
Question: What was it like traveling? Who were you’re closest travel friends while you were on the road? Any good or funny road stories?
Answer: Traveling was really fun! I had most fun with Ivory, Molly, and Trish. Any particular road stories .. hmm good question .. I think I may publish some on my up and coming site. :)

#13 Question
Name: Jesleen
Question: Have you stayed in touch with people you worked with in WWF?
Answer: No not really. I have spoken to a few people here and there but none have remained life long friends of mine.

#14 Question
Name: Seth
Question: Hey Tori, I was a huge fan when you first appeared in the WWF because your first gimmick was obsessed fan of Sable (Rena Mero), I was an ‘obsessed fan’ of Sable as well so I was drawn to you. You were completely screwed out of your job after the WWF injured you. Anyways, were you a big fan of Sable or was it just your gimmick?
Answer: I was a fan of Sable .. not that big of a fan but I admire her. But yes that was just a gimmick.

#15 Question
Name: Holly
Question: Do you ever wish you could go back into the wrestling business and get involved with storylines, etc.?
Answer: Yes, and no. It's like smoking. Once you stop for good .. its kind of over for you.

#16 Question
Name: Holly
Question: Do you still watch WWE? If so then which is your favorite brand, RAW, Smackdown or ECW?
Answer: I do not watch! Sorry. :(

#17 Question
Name: Theo
Question: What was it like being the first diva to receive the stinkface from Rikishi at WrestleMania 2000?
Answer: Good times haha, good times!

#18 Question
Name: Johnny
Question: Hi Terri, I just wanted to know… do you happen to have a MySpace by any chance and what’s the URL if you do?
Answer: http://www.myspace.com/officialmyspaceoftori

#19 Question
Name: Rich
Question: What made you decide to leave the wrestling world?
Answer: My dismisal from WWE.

#20 Question
Name: Rich
Question: Do you see yourself ever returning to wrestling as either a manager or even commentator? You would be excellent next to JR and The King.
Answer: Haha no, although that would be a fun job.