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Week #21 - September 10 to September 16
Name: Chris
Question: Hi Nora, I have a question. If WWE called you up right now and said, 'we want you back', would you take them up on the offer or decline?
Answer: I was just at the WWE show in Minneapolis on Sept 8th. I had a wonderful time visiting with old friends, but after a few hours I had satisfied my desire to be there.
I would sign a 1 year contract with the WWE for 1 million dollars and the stipulation that I only work 1 day a week (preferably the towns I love to visit, like Asheville NC, Las Vegas NV, and St. Johns Newfoundland Canada.)
But as far as accepting the traditional 3 year contract for peanuts: I would decline.

Week #22 - September 17 to September 23
Name: Heather
Question: What do you look for in a guy?
Answer: In a guy I look for a passion for serving Jesus Christ.

Week #23 - September 24 to September 30
Name: Roopesh
Question: Hi Molly, are you going to visit India? I am from India.
Answer: I would love to visit India someday.

Week #24 - October 1 to October 7
Name: deltaqueen
Question: If you were to leave Minnesota for ever, where else in the States/World could you happily spend the rest of your life?
Answer: I love Asheville NC. I wish my whole family would move there.