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Week #1 - April 23 to April 29
Name: JS
Question: I've always wondered why you left Minnesota for Florida right out of high school?
Answer: Great question! A few of my friends were moving down there and they invited me to join them. I thought I would just stay down there until I ran out of money. I told my family I was just going on a long vacation. I had no idea it would be a vacation that lasted over 5 years! Moving across the country right out of high school was a wonderful way to jump right into real life. I learned many important lessons my first few years there, and Florida will always hold a special place in my heart.

Week #2 - April 30 to May 6
Name: Scott Anderson
Question: How did you feel when you stepped off the plane at MSP from Guatemala?
Answer: Warm. And a little worried because I had no idea who was picking me up from the airport. The school just said they would send someone to get me. I was praying I would see someone with my name on a sign. I saw a sign that read " Lora Greenwald " Close enough I thought, so I told him that was me, so if there is a Lora that never found her ride- Sorry ;-)

Week #3 - May 7 to May 13
Name: Sara
Question: How long did you pursue your powerlifting career after you were a teenager? what were your best ever lifts on the bench and any other events you competed in?
Answer: My best bench press in competition was 145 lbs. I think I may have benched 150 or 155 lbs in my high school gym class, but without the pause at the chest, and I may have broken a few other ADFPA rules.
For squat and dead lift, I only did "token lifts."
When someone is going for a record in just one event, it is common to just go through the motions with just the bar for the other 2 events. It shows you are not trying to win with totals. The best of the best can go for records in more than one event in one competition.
So here are my best lifts in competition:
bench- 145 lbs
squat- 45 lbs
deadlift- 45 lbs

Week #4 - May 14 to May 20
Name: Kosta
Question: Which divas did you enjoy working with the most?
Answer: I really liked working with Gail Kim as a tag partner because she was really laid back before the show, but knew how to crank it up at showtime.
I like working against Stacy Keibler because she always had a positive attitude and she always surprised me in the ring with her athleticism.
I liked working with Lita because she was so popular with the fans, no one went to get popcorn during our matches.
I liked working with Victoria because she was so strong. I knew I was safe in her hands.
I liked working with Christy Hemme because she was full of youthful enthusiasm.
Honestly I can't think of any girl in the WWE I didn't like working with. They were all really co-operative and professional. It's hard to nail it down to one favorite.

Week #5 - May 21 to May 27
Name: Deltaqueen
Question: Hi Nora, this is my question. While you were wrestling in the WWE you were with a group of extremely talented wrestlers - Trish Stratus, Lita, Jazz, Ivory, Gail Kim, Jacqueline - which of them consistently gave you the toughest matches, and if you were to step back into the ring next week for a charity match with no WWE type restrictions like 3 minute time limits or you can only can do a certain number of moves etc who would you pick as your opponant to give the best possible and most entertaining match to the public, and why her?
Answer: My toughest matches were against Jacqueline. If I were to have another match, I would like it to be against the greatest women's champion of all time, Harvey Whippleman. No seriously, it would be cool to be in the ring with Luna Vachon. She is an amazing pro-wrestler and I would learn a lot from her.

Week #6 - May 28 to June 3
Name: JS
Question: Nora, thanks for the great answer of my previous question! Even though I'm from Rhode Island, I've always been a big Vikings fan, are you? Have you been to many games?
Answer: I used to watch football as a kid with my dad and brothers every Sunday after church. In 1996 I followed the Denver Broncos. I loved the 4th quarter come backs. I have never been to a NFL game. I always say the Vikings are my favorite team, but I really haven't watched much TV in the last 8 years.

Week #7 - June 4 to June 10
Name: Jeff Wilson
Question: Any chance that you are making an appearance in Oregon anytime soon so I can add an autograph to my random stuff?
Answer: I have no plans to visit Oregon this summer. You should talk to local promoters and ask them to bring me in for an autograph signing. I would love to sign a photo for you.

Week #8 - June 11 to June 17
Name: Jess J.
Question: I loved when you were Mighty Molly, and was wondering if you could be a super hero, what would your powers be and what would you call yourself? xoxo
Answer: I used to have dreams all the time that I could breath underwater and it was awesome! So, I guess I would like to be a super hero who can breath under water. Maybe I would be a life guard at a beach in California. My name would be Agua Aliento.

Week #9 - June 18 to June 24
Name: Terry
Question: When you did the gimmick with the Hurricane.What was the reason for it to dicontinued?
Answer: I have no idea why the gimmick was discontinued. There are a team of writers backstage that write the storylines. They just tell me what to do when I get to the arena. One day they just said I was going to wack Hurricane over the head with a fry pan and then another day they told me I was going to wack ( was it Trish or Terry?) one of the Diva's over the head with a paddle. I enjoyed working with Hurricane.

Week #10 - June 25 to July 1
Name: Robert
Question: Hi Nora, I was interseted to know, which female finishing move was the hardest to take in the ring, and which do you find the most effective finisher, other than your own lol.
Answer: The hardest to take was Jacqueline's DDT. My neck always hurt for weeks afterward. I think Victoria's Widow's Peak is pretty cool. It was stolen from Roderick Strong, and it is very effective.