Exclusives | Nora's Journal of Adventures | Entry #7
April 3rd
I have had so much fun this weekend!
I went to the Hall of Fame ceremony with my good friend Charles Robinson. Sherri Martel's speech was my favorite because she seemed so flattered and excited to be there. I also liked how Bret told stories about Owen.
At WrestleMania, I was in the "friends and family" room watching the show on a big screen TV. I really enjoyed visiting with Gail Kim, Billy Kidman, Paul London, and many others.

April 10th
I just got back from Germany yesterday. It was a long flight but well worth it. I commentated the GSW show with longtime friend Bill Apter, and then I refereed the girls match. I made a lot of new friends (including Harry "Bulldog" Smith), and even ate authentic German food (no comment on that one).

Nora with her fans

Nora with Charles Robinson, a WWE referee

Nora being a referee