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Hi you all, hope all is going well. Well No Molly on RAW (Wrestling wise). Man I am starting to miss her but then again I do understand that WWE cannot work in all divas at one time. I wish the WWE would hold a Diva Lottery Draft.

People ask me what show I would like her to be on, My answer would be simply Smackdown. Just because Smackdowns Atmosphere I think is diva friendly. I know, I know. We never see the current Divas already but then again what do they all offer. You can only do so much with a group of girls with limited wrestling skill and abillity.

Molly going to Smackdown would be her being a pioneer. She could easily have access at winning a women's championship over there and just I think it would work.

But in any event, I hope Molly gets utilized more often. Because, quite frankly I miss her. I like her doing some activities out of the ring, but she's a wrestler and that is what she is getting paid to do.

God Bless Y'all
PS I would like to express my deep sorrow of the release of WWE Diva Jacqueline, you will be missed.