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I was so happy that Byte This! Finally put me through (4/8) I asked her a question regarding if she was thinking about competing with men, and I respect her No answer and she did give a good explanation.

Hmm... RAW the diva battle royal, every where I look websites are full of stuff about how bad the battle royal was and stuff. To me it wasn't the commercial break(I wish that didn't happen) but the amount of time the divas are Allotted is pure out ridiculous. Two minute matches are not enough. All divas know a lot of moves to make the match go beyond two minutes.

That is just my take on it. Anyway on a personal note, Wednesday (4/7) was my birthday and It was pretty good, and what made it better was being able to speak to nora on the phone if only it was one question.

Well that's it for this week. Look for a new one next Thursday.

Chris W.