Exclusives | Columns | Chris | Issue #11
Nidia Beats Molly, Victoria beats Molly, Who Else is going to beat our former womens champion? I am having serious doubts about how they have her character going, I mean come on she has been jobbing to all these divas in the past couple of weeks.

Anyway, I was kinda hoping that molly would go to smackdown and pursue other things, lets face it she has had a feud with all the divas on the RAW Roster. So I was hoping that she could get involved in new things over in smackdown. I wonder what will happen after this whole Make Fun Of Molly Routine is over? I wonder what storyline they will place her in. I thought the whole match between her and nidia was good but just like wrestlemania the way it ended sucked!

Well anyways all I know is that I hope she turns this not so good streak around and maybe capture the title again, but when has the wwe ever done what the fans want?

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