Exclusives | Columns | Chris | Issue #10
Hey, Do you remember me!? lol Well I have been on some hiatus from my columns and I have to say I have missed writting them. Well the time that I return writting them has to be not the best. First our beloved molly loses the womens championship to victoria, then she goes on to wrestlemania and loses her hair. What else is she going to lose?

It isn't the fact that molly lost to victoria, it's the way she lost itself. Come on, a backslide? The match itself was less then two minutes. It seemed WWE invested a good feud in this but when it came time to deliver the product they came up short.

All this is strictly my opinion but I mean the match I could of watched on raw. Speaking of RAW it's so funny how they make molly act weak on one week but the previous one she is out there dominating everyone. It just really didn't add up to me. What they did, even knowing molly agreed to it, it was pure repulsive. It is one thing to shave a mans head, but when they shave a females head. I just think that was a little too far.

Well thanks for reading, and I hope to update more often. Hope you liked my column. I encourage feedback.

God Bless

Chris W.