Exclusives | Columns | Chris | Issue #09
Well Well. It seems like Molly Has Lost The Title. I know, I know I am just as upset, mad and frustrated as you are reader. Personally it wasn't that she lost the title that pissed me off, it's how she lost it. I thought that how they made her lose the title was such a screw job. Looking back on mollys reign as champion she was very tough and dominant in the whole women's division. I hope molly will regain the title sometime this year hopefully, but you never know what could happen with the WWE. No I doubt that molly will even be at wrestlemania, it's really sad that she couldn't even walk into wrestlemania as women's champion. Oh well reader, all good things must come to an end I am sad to say.

Thank you molly for being such a tough and inspirational women's champion.

Thank you for reading.