Exclusives | Columns | Chris | Issue #08
Hi you all, I hope everyone is doing ok, wow I was watching some of my old wrestling videos with molly in them when she was blonde and let me tell you she was very beautiful, not that she isn't now it's a different kind of beauty. Lately Victoria has been chasing after molly to get her hands on her women's championship. I hope molly can hold it till at least wrestlemania.

I know what is with the title of this article? I just thought that this would be a word that could sum up the whole divas division. Lately we see less and less of starts like Jacqueline and Ivory and you know what that really sucks. I loved watching all the Molly vs Ivory matches I thought they were so cool to watch. Many people say that Ivory and Jacqueline are old news, let me tell you they sure can do a think or to and run some circles around these current divas.

What is up with molly's article? I mean I am glad that they did something on her but come on at least they could of given us a poster. Well anyway sorry so short, I will have another one next week. Thanks for reading and email me your feedback.