Exclusives | Columns | Chris | Issue #07
Well how are we all doing? Yours truly is doing good, I don't know about our womens champion. It seems that she has run into a tad of bad luck, lets review shall we?

It all started on Heat 1/25 when she fought victoria in a outstanding match and came up a little short but was defeated by her.

The following night on RAW she was in a tag match where she lost being pinned by victoria yet again.

Whether her title reign comes to end next raw or even at wrestlemania, I think that we will all remember her as the most outstanding womens champion of all time. She was the longest reigning womens in the decade. As an outstanding perform, I really do have to applaud all of Nora's Contributions to the womens division. But as they say all good things must come to a abrupt end.

Do I want her to lose the championship? No, not at all. I wish she could keep the title forever. But I look at it the faster she loses it, the faster she will get it back.

I'm proud of ya Nora, your an inspiration to all and you have put wrestling back into womens wrestling!

Thanks for reading : )
God bless