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Hi all, it seems such a long time since I have updated my articles, well first off hope every one had a great holiday. Yours truly had a good one. Anyway another thing to celebrate is that molly has been women's champion for 6 months:).
Good job Nora. I think as time goes by the threats to her title become more and more, her and victoria make a good feud but to me personally I think their is an element missing. Victoria hasn't established her fan base enough to make it a good rivalry, but it should be real interesting.
If molly gets past this victoria rivalry w.her title intact you can guess who will be next in line for a shot.
New Year, so I thought I would make my personal molly outlook.
Jan/Feb- Molly Should Lose The Title
Mar/Apr- Not really aiming at getting the title back, but will be busy with matches on heat.
May- Back In The Spotlight, starting a feud with someone, possibly molly turning face?
Jun/July/August- One of these three months I predict molly winning the gold again
Sept-Dec- These months will be like a hiatus for us molly fans but she probably would make a couple appearances.
I don't see Molly's 2004 year as active as her 2003 year, new introduction of divas, the wwe likes to put the veterans on the shelf for awhile. I may be wrong lets just hope for the best for our womens champ.

Thanks for reading : )
God bless