Exclusives | Columns | Chris | Issue #05
Hi everyone, hope all is well. Anyway on the 15th(Monday) I went to RAW, for my first time. Let me say the whole ENTIRE experience was thrilling. But to me everything seems like so small. But no matter what the size or price it was defiantly a fun time.

I saw molly on heat when I went to RAW, she wasn't in a match but she did attack victoria(Who defeated ivory to become the no1 contender) So in two weeks it will be Molly vs Victoria for the title.

I am really looking forward to seeing that match, I think our girl molly can pull it off.

Hope everyone has done there christmas shoppin I am almost done, I can't wait until my pictures develop from wrestling that will be like the best christmas gift ever to me.

Well sorry so short, I basically blabbled through the whole thing. But I hope all has a merry christmas and happy holidays. Remember to keep cheering on our womens champion.

Thanks for reading,
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