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Hey you all, well let me first off and say hope all is well. I can't wait! I am going to go see RAW this Monday for my first time and it's about time. I hope I see molly, last Monday she was on RAW but them bis in the television production truck were on commercial when she came out so I missed her whole entrance. Oh well you can't cry over spilt milk can ya?

This sunday is armageddon and I can't wait to I can watch it. My Predictions are as follows:

Dudley Boyz, Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade, Val Venis & Lance Storm and Hurricane & Rosey
Tag Team Turmoil
-I am defiantly rooting on Val Venis and Lance Storm, they have become so impressive lately in the ring.

Trish & Lita vs Chris Jericho & Christian
-Chris Jericho and Christian all the way, no offence to the female clan though:-).

Mark Henry vs Booker T
-Mark Henry he defiantly has the height and weight advantage

IC Title RVD vs Randy Orton
-Randy Orton, just because RVD has held the title long enough.

Batista vs Shawn Micheals
-I would normally be going for Batista but in this case I just have to root on HBK.

Triple Threat, WWE TItle HHH vs Kane vs Goldberg
-Pulling out for the game all the way, but it would be nice to see Kane as the champ.

Thanks for reading, and hope everyone has a great week. Look for me at RAW this monday in Tampa, my sign will be saying something about molly.

Till next time,
Chris www.likeavirginmolly.cjb.net
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