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Well hi you all, hope all is well. Lets get right down too it shall we?

Molly made a brief appearance on RAW attacking lita, The camera angle was kinda crappy so we didn't get a good shot of our women's champion. Moving on, It was set that it was going to be Lita and Christian vs Molly and Matt Hardy @ Armageddon but with the recent circumstances w/ the trish and Jericho relationship I think that is going to be kind of altered.

I think this is the calm before the storm, have you ever noticed that when divas wrestling just slows down a little it like picks up really fast? I predict seeing Jazz back in the WWE very soon and could that be a positive or negative for molly? I guess we will just have to wait and find out.

Did anyone catch The VGAs? That match if you want to call it that between trish and victoria was cool. It seemed to me victoria didn't have a problem showing what god gave her, neither did trish but we all know that.

Molly in acting? What a combination. Sure I would like to see her maybe in a series such as Friends, or the ever so popular Tru Calling. If molly was given the opportunity I am sure she wouldn't disappoint.

Well that about wraps things up, hope holiday shopping is going well for you all, I am going to start mine soon.

Thanks For Reading & God Bless
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