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Well Let Me First Introduce Myself, My Name Is Chris W. I am 14 From Gulfport, Florida. I enjoy wrestling, I have been a fan since 99' and my all time favorite is Chyna.

Since 1999 I have seen the divas division evolve from nothing to something. I have seen my share of Bra n' Panties matches and those all famous paddle on the pole. As much as I enjoy them, and believe me I do. haha. I think that the Divas Division Back then was only represented by one person. That person was Chyna. I know, I know this is suppose to be about molly. But just hold your horses.

With the introduction of superstars like Lita, and Trish. It seems to me womens wrestling has now became a contest of who can show more skin? Not offending Trish or Lita, but we all know that deep inside. Well with Gals Like Molly, Victoria and Jazz, have you ever seen them take off their clothes?

Molly being the champion is the best thing that could ever happen to the WWE. She has risen above all controversy and crittisim. Molly is just so technical in the ring, I would love to see her get in a ring with a male athlete and compete. I think that she can hold her own in any match. Thats why in my opinion that I think that molly is the best and most outstanding womens champion of all Time.

Womens Wrestling has evolved into fighting. As much as some like it or dislike it, we have to deal with it. I think that some divas are having a hard time adapting to that change but sooner or later they will have to. Good Luck Molly and Thank You For Reading.

Also for all the readers, I love reading feedback so if you have any at all (Positive or Negative) feel free to email me.

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See you on The Go Round.