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There is no real reason for my writing this, other than to say that I took a brief (?!?) hiatus and now I'm back. I had some computer problems, and it was no fun at all. Suffice to say that my draft folder is...well, I've crammed Mollyopoly #'s 9 through 15 in my draft folder, and those of you who are familiar with my column know that I am never lacking for something to say!!! These are not so much columns as they are novellas, and man is it daunting to look up and see how much writing I still need to get done. Mollyopoly is a lot of fun for me to write-I wouldn't bother, otherwise-and hopefully, you guys are having fun with me. Hopefully, even when I state something that you may not agree with, which I am sure happens a lot here, I at least inspire you to think. Some of you may notice a change in content, or even a change in tone from this point on. Some of you may notice the Raw reports-and WWE reports in general-becoming less and less frequent. Remember, in the beginning, I covered Raw, SD AND Heat, and would have covered PPV's too...if I ordered them at all. I am probably going to commit semi-fulltime to a 'Building The Perfect Molly Format' (BTPMF) immediately after issue 14...because I am getting tired of Raw, and I am getting tired of complaining about it. Besides, I have a whole lot of things to talk about, from Mollys' feet and her 'pillow-puffy arms' (Lucy, from the nora-world.org tag board) to our occupation of Iraq, to The Crocodylia. I'll also-at some point-include a new feature called 'The Devil's Advocate'. Hopefully, you guys dig that and we can run with it. And finally, thanks to those of you who read Mollyopoly. Thanks to all of you. Hopefully, you enjoy Mollyopoly # 9, 10, 11, 12, 13,14 and 15 as well. Take it easy.