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Hey, guys. Some of you may PROBABLY recognize me as the guy who regularly posts those long,long messages on the tag-board. Now, I get to do it in a column format, and there are two things that I want to make plain.

Firstly, I am NOT going to spend a whole lot of time commenting on Nora Greenwald's appearance. There is enough of that already. I am going to focus on Nora the worker, and the direction (or lack thereof) the WWE has her going in (some would say that her character is in freefall, and I can't say that they are wrong).

With that said, I will come clean and get it all outof the way right here. You will all see where I'm coming from. Firstly, if you consider WWE talent to be celebrities-and I do- then you take any list of attractive Hollywood starlets, and you will have your favorites. I stand firm in my assertation that Nora actually looks better bald-but that is because you can focus ENTIRELY on what I consider to be her best and second-best feature-a truly amazing face and an unforgettable, inimitable and enchanting smile. I also assert-vociferously-that Nora is not only the best looking woman in the WWE, but-in my opinion-the only female celebrities who look better are Halle Berry and Sofia Vergara. That should shed some light as to what level of esteem and admiration I hold the appearance of Nora Greenwald up to.

Secondly, I am passionate about the direction(?!?) her career is going and will go. I will confess to having a rapidly deteriorating interest in wrestling until about a month or so ago when I blundered onto Nora-World.Org while trying to find stats on female wrestlers at G.L.O.R.Y. Wrestling for my wrestling game(EWR 4.0) and ended up at Kayla's page and investigated the links. I had NO IDEA that there were SO MANY sites devoted to Molly Holly, and I found my wrestling interest to be rejuvenated. So, before I go any further, a thanks to the cast and crew at Nora-World for giving me a reason to stay interested.

Some of you (myself included) are somewhat less than thrilled at the recent descent of Molly down the card. I will state that I am not nearly as upset about it as I may appear at times. This is because I don't know anything at all about Nora Greenwald. All I know is that lovable character she gets to play every Monday (and sometimes Sundays). So, not knowing her in any way,shape or form, I have to keep my pathology from showing itself and simply take her at her word. She has said-more than once-that she is very happy where she is at, and she loves to make people laugh. That is very much in keeping with MY projection of Nora Greenwald. Besides, I do not own a global wrestling federation where I can sign Nora up, give her T.V. time, the matches that she covets and a push to suit her varied talents (If only I DID, though!!!).So there is no point in getting upset about it. The WWE is a MONOPOLY. Monopolies are only good for the fat cats that sit atop it.Monopolies are never good for the consumer, and never good for the lower-level employess within them (that would be the WWE talent, all save for a small,small handle of guys). This is just one of the ways the world works.

So, now we are clear that Arlando thinks Nora needs a push of commensurate value to the hair she lost at WMXX, and that Nora looks better than J.Lo, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ashley Judd, and all but two other women in all of entertainment. I will also add that when you take into account workrate, charisma, mic skills, and a whole host of other attributes I could list,Nora Greenwald is clearly the straw that stirs the WWE Womens' drink. Note that I don't-and will NEVER-refer to Nora as a diva. Look the word up, and you'll see why I don't. Fans of Nora and her work are already aware of her talent. I think we are unhappy because her potential-at the moment-is being wasted. Here are some numbers that may substantiate this assertation.

The April 5, 2004 Raw opened with an 11-minute promo between Triple H and Shelton Benjamin. Now, Shelton rarely gets to speak and he needed air-time after his first big win against HHH, so I won't complain. But then Mick Foley-whose promos I love, by the way, cuts a semi-classic promo in excess of six minutes. Okay, he's a hardcore legend, and we all love him. But then, for Triple H's 2nd match against Shelton Benjamin, all of Evolution gets intro'd by Ric Flair, and that annexed another 5-PLUS MINUTES. And that's not even COUNTING Shelton's intro!!! An average WWE women's matchup is around 4-6 minutes. THIS IS WHERE THEIR AIRTIME IS GOING!!! All that, AND I choose to make people accountable for what they do, and what they SAY. Vince said-hell,he PROMISED-a 'new beginning in the WWE'. Let's see...hmmmmm. Replace Randy Orton,Batista and Flair with Billy Gunn, The Road Dogg, X-Pac and Chyna...change the name from 'Evolution' to 'DX'...insert Mick Foley...and look at how the WWE still looks EXACTLY the same way it did in 2003, 2002,2001,2000,1999 and 1998.

EXACTLY the same.

More facts: Molly Holly promos since WMXX:0. Rene Dupree (who I dig), Lance Storm-who is simply not over at this point, Nidia, John Hennigan (the current 'Johnny Nitro'), Jonathan Coachman AND Nick ('Eugene') Dinsmore ALL have cut at LEAST one promo in that timespan. Shaving Molly bald should have resulted in some airtime.

I may be wrong-I am actually going to research this, because I have WAY too much time on my hands-but I seriously think that Nora Greenwald has-since WMXX-been on T.V. for a grand total of about 10 minutes.I'm not kidding.

In any event, I hope this will be a nice format to observe the WWE Raw brand and the many twists and turns of Nora Greenwalds' career,and talk about them with you. I have long felt-and hopefully you guys and gals out there agree with me-that there is only ONE game in the WWE, and one certainly worth playing. Some men have thought that game to be monopoly.

They were mistaken.

The name of this game is Mollyopoly!!!