December 3, 2005

New Layout! :) I hope you all love the Christmas layout.

NWO Exclusive
There is an exclusive photo that we were supposed to add a while ago, but we were able to add it tonight. To see it, go here.

To read some news about Nora attending Eddie Sharkey's Midwest Pro Wrestling Show, go here. Dani and I worked a lot on the gallery. There are a lot of new caps along with candids. To see what's new, go to 'Latest Updates' on the right column.

The last time we updated the videos section in Media was as soon as this site started, but we finally added a new video a few days ago. It's a Titantron #4 Video.

Nora Updates
- Added Chris Candido's Page under Comments About Wrestlers
- Added News Headlines Page

Media Updates
- Added 2 Banners under Signatures
- Added a Titantron Video

Galleries Updates
Screen Caps
- RAW X Appearance
- Survivor Series 2000 Pay Per View
- Titantron #4
- Splashes
- Personal Exclusive Photo
- Northern IMPACT Wrestling under Special Appearances
- Day of Reckoning Video Game(Molly vs. Trish Stratus)
- Matt's Drawings

Interaction Updates
- 1 Submission under A Day With Nora
- 1 Submission under Autobiography
- 1 Submission under Best Feature
- 1 Submission under Birthday Present
- 1 Submission under Blonde or Brunette
- 1 Submission under Favorite Character
- 1 Submission under One Question

Site Updates
- Added Past Layout

WWW Updates
- Added 2 Affiliates

- Megan