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Name: Megan Sue ****
Birthday: June 21, 1988
Age: 19
Live In: Cincinnati, OH
Favorite Divas: Beth Phoenix, Molly, Victoria, Lita
Favorite Males: Shawn Michaels, Matt Hardy
All Time Favorite: Beth Phoenix
Favorite TV Shows: Raw, Smackdown, Spongebob Squarepants
Hobbies: watch Raw, computer, websites, hang out with friends, mall, swimming
Favorite Sports: Wrestling, Football

Name: Danielle Christina Ray
Birthday: March 2, 1987
Age: 20
Live In: Racine, WI
Fav Divas: Lita, Molly & Victoria
Fav Males: Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, HBK, Nash, Jericho, Helms, Shane McMahon, and sooooooo on!
All Time Favorite: Lita
Favorite TV Shows: RAW, Smackdown, Heat, etc, ER, Animal Cops, Animal Precinct, Cops
Hobbies: Working on sites, puzzles, babysitting, hang out with friends, and other stuff i shouldnt be doing! Haha
Favorite Sports: Volleyball, Tennis, & Wrestling